Peel-off Ends for 2-Piece and 3-Piece Cans

A consumer-friendly alternative to conventional can ends, peel-off ends enjoy an increasing demand. With the introduction of the award winning compeelĀ® technology, peel-off solutions have become even more attractive.

With the continuous development of modern peel-off technologies, we aimed at flexible and convenient but also highly economical solutions suitable for 2-piece and 3-piece cans. Our UNISEAL endmaking machines can easily be added to existing end production lines thus enabling metal packaging producers to quickly react to market demands. And, it goes without saying, that peel-off ends produced with UNISEAL machines can be used on existing seamers.

Our peel-off ends consist of a curled ring and an aluminum or composite membrane. The membrane is automatically attached to the ring by means of the proven heat sealing technology.

With the new UNISEAL HS automatic thermo sealing machines, either composite or aluminum membranes can be attached to the rings. The machines allow for a rapid change-over of end diameters and offer easy operation and maintenance.

UNISEAL Heat Sealing Process

  • Destacking
  • Punching
  • Drawing
  • Option:Curling R-Curl
  • Turning
  • Foil Punching Pre-Sealing
  • Sealing
  • Option: Visual Inspection
  • Embossing Curling C-Curl