High-speed multi-die presses for deep-drawn cans

By implementing the latest technologies, Soudronic’s endmaking systems offer unmatched efficiency and flexibility and thus very competitive production costs.

Be it for conventional ends or for technically demanding peel-off lids, we offer turnkey solutions for both medium and high-speed applications.

Typical medium-speed endmaking systems consist of a scroll shear to cut the base material into scrolled strips, a strip-feed press, a curler, a compound lining system, a drying oven and a packing system.

For high-speed endmaking we use UNIPRESS sheet-feed presses with multi-die tooling, reaching output capacities of up to 2000 ends per minute. The curlers, liners, ovens and packing systems are designed to match the output of the highly productive presses.

Our endmaking lines can be centrally operated by a single control system with touch-screen panel. In addition to that, our high-speed lines can be equipped with video inspection and control systems.

3-Piece Canbody Production Line

  • Slitter
  • Blank Stack Transfer System
  • Canbody Welder
  • Seam Protection System
  • Curing System
  • Combination Machine
  • Tester
  • Palletizer