Highly Flexible Drum Welders

A modular design, easy and fast format change-over, substantial energy savings—the list of outstanding features of our drum welding machines is almost endless.

Our drum welders are capable to produce drum bodies of up to 1600 mm in height and 630 mm in diameter, using sheet blanks of 0.7 mm to 2.5 mm in thickness. Thanks to a motorized adjustment of the rounding station, guide-rails with carriage for an easy removal of the calibration tool and automatic synchronization of the servo-motors, change-overs from one drum size to another are easy to accomplish.

We offer not only drum welders, but also complete systems for the production of drum bodies, including the necessary loading, lifting and destacking units as well as roll-formers and body transports.

Soudronic’s drum welders are tailor-made in our Swiss plant in Bergdietikon.