State-Of-The-Art Canbody Welding

High precision, unmaTched flexibility, top safety in operation, economic use in raw material and energy, minimal reject rates – these are only a few features of our canbody welding machines.

The heart of a three-piece can production line is the canbody welder. That's where the body blanks receive their basic shape and where the seam overlap is welded. Our Superwima welding principle requires only a minimal overlap of a few tenths of a millimeter. An optimal control of the welding current in combination with a finely matched pressure on the overlap guarantees a mashed seam of only 1,4 times the thickness of the sheet metal.

The modular design of our welding machines allows for flexible machine concepts and interchangeability of machine components, also enabling for rapid change-overs of can heights and diameters.

In our Swiss plant in Bergdietikon, we build canbody welders for low, medium and high-speed applications.